First SINGLEI Reach Out Programme

First SINGLEI Reach Out Programme

Place & Date: Old Jongria. 17-20 Nov 2017.


1) Joint Committee with Old Jongria Village Authority.

2) Seminar on Indigenous Nature Guard.

3) Consecration of “Health Spring” Damna Tuikuang.

4) Inauguration of Community Garden with an area of around 10 Hectares.

5) Inauguration of Agape Viewpoint (Lungthlungna Thlirmun).

6) Expedition to Lingzu River. The “Pialtleng” (Vast and Massive Flat Stones) and Caves No. 3 & 4 were explored.


#Agape Viewpoint chu rithial vanga Thungmun tluan inika siama Signboard itarin i-ong a nit.


#Damna Tuikuang neh Community Garden khomah Signboard itar a nit tak.


#Community Garden ah Community Center (In) rang i plan a nit. Biakin mun ilui rithial a nit. Adung 22fts neh a khang 13 fts chu cement floor la thra a Nita, half wall khom idora manih chu lamang thei a nit. Rs 3500/- only 14 haziras rang zuang imapek a nit. Dec 1 velin chu tin idang nget ranga itum a nit. Tin 9 ft Baan 4 nang  ati.

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